Come to the Crusade!

Friday - Sunday, 7pm, Sept. 11-13, 2015

Arthur Ashe Center - 3001 North Boulevard, Richmond, VA


Friday Night • First Responders
Saturday Afternoon • Teen Crusade
Saturday Night • Educators
Sunday Night • U.S. Military
Friday Night • First Responders

We honor the men and women who serve in the group of diverse professions we call “First Responders.” They serve our cities, neighborhoods and communities with the highest levels of heroism and compassion.

Saturday Afternoon • Teen Crusade

The TEEN CRUSADE is Saturday afternoon 2-5pm, September 12. Pastor Gary Ross, moderator, and Evangelist Dwight Smith is the preacher.

Saturday Night • Educators

The noble pursuit of passing along knowledge and understanding is a foundational element in our society. The gift of teaching is precious; we have all been enriched by it. The contribution educators make to our future as a nation cannot be overstated.

Sunday Night • U.S. Military

Each day Americans live in the “land of the free” because we have always been the “home of the brave.” By their service these soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines provide for us the security and access to the liberty we enjoy. Freedom is never free. It has been paid for by the sacrifice and by the blood of men and women who faithfully wear the uniforms of theUnited States military.


Honoring Our Heros

Special recognition to those who keep our country safe and put their lives on the line every day.


Thanking God for our Heritage

Uplifting testimonies and inspiring messages will remind us of what God has done for our nation, and for each individual.


Praying For Our Country

We have been blessed! We want to seek God's blessings for the future of our nation, and future generations.

The Hour that Makes the Difference

Read your Bible and Pray for 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for the next 15 weeks!